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This page will help you find your way around my site. May the peace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit fill your heart and refresh your soul as you browse through these pages.


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Any music playing on these pages is for your enjoyment only-
I receive no profit in any form for any of the music on my pages.

All of the graphics used to make my pages are copyrighted by their designers.
Please do not take any of these graphics from my website.
Instead, please visit the individual designer's websites and follow their terms of use.
Likewise, please do not use any poetry from this site without permission from the
original author. I cannot give you permission to use anything you see on this website
except my own original poetry, and you must have my consent before using that.
See "What Is COPYRIGHT?"

If you see any text or graphics on my website that are copyrighted and published here
without permission, please let me know and I will either remove it immediately
or get the owner's permission, whichever is desired. I will never deliberately
publish anyone else's work without giving them the proper credit.

Click here to read my PRIVACY STATEMENT

This site is rated safe for viewing by children, grandmothers, and the preacher!


(Note: The ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association) safety rating was part
of the Family Online Safety Institute. Regretfully, FOSI's Board of Directors
recently discontinued the ICRA labeling engine. However, I've kept the icon to
let viewers know that this site has passed their standards for family viewing.)

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