Was He?

For with the heart man believes,
resulting in righteousness, and
with the mouth he confesses,  
resulting in salvation. For the  
scripture says, Whoever believes
in Him will not be disappointed.
Romans 10:10,11

Was He The Great Messiah,
Or a baby in a stall?
A fake or an imposter,
Or The Lord who made it all?

For when The Truth came on the scene
For everyone to see
The Way of God became so clear,
And that abundantly

The Angels sang His songs that night
And lifted up His Name
The Name that makes our future bright
Is what they did proclaim

The Shepherds came with hearts of joy
And great anticipation
To see Godís Son, His baby boy
Whoíd reach to every nation

Star Watchers came from distant lands
To find the Chosen King
The plan was in the Fatherís hands
Of what these men would bring

A gift of Gold would first occur
To bless His Majesty
And then came Frankincense and Myrrh
To point to Calvary

You see my friends, itís just like this
We have to make a choice
He must be who He says He is
Or we cannot rejoice

Is He the Lord and Chosen King?
Or lunatic and liar?
Can we to Him our burdens bring
Is He The Reconciler?

I do declare right here and now
That Jesus is my Lord
Before His throne I humbly bow
His Grace is my reward

By Faith, Iím now on solid ground
My God has set me free
The doubt is gone since I have found
Heís All He Claimed To Be !!!

     © Jim Lake      


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