Catch A Glimpse Of God

"Blessed are the gentle, for
they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger
and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful,for
they shall receive mercy.   
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God."   
Matthew 5:5-8

There are those times in life we see
With Faith that is not flawed
A Chance To Touch Eternity
And catch a glimpse of God

When sadness, grief or pain abound
That hide The Light Of Day
God moves us up to Higher Ground
And urges us to pray

So down upon our knees we go
And seek the Father's face
And from our lips His praises flow
As He bestows His Grace

He seeks to make it very Clear
His plan for us is Best
He sends His Peace and Joy and Cheer
We're Loved, Restored and Blessed

We can be sure that He is God
He knows the route and course
Where ere on earth our feet may trod
He is our Power Source

So Trust The Lord, The Living Way
And Join The Pure In Heart
For This Could Be The Very Day
The Miracles Will Start !!!

Jim Lake

The poem is the wonderful work of Jim Lake,
and I thank him for allowing me to publish his poetry here.
Please respect copyright laws, and do not use his poetry
(or anything on this site!) without permission. Thank you!

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