Amazing And So Wonderful

Bless the Lord, O my soul;
and all that is within me,
bless His holy name.    
Psalm 103:1    

I see Him in a million stars
That shine throughout the night
I see Him in those friends of ours
Who share His love and light

I hear Him when a song is played
That glorifies His name
I hear Him speak when I'm afraid
His promises I claim

I feel His Spirit grip my soul
As truth invades my heart
When He's in charge and takes control
All anxious thoughts depart

I know He's there when things go wrong
He's with me in the storm
He gives me strength to carry on
His presence keeps me warm

I trust the leading of the Lord
The Shepherd of the flock
His music sounds a major chord
He is The Solid Rock

Some day I'll move to Higher Ground
He knows just where and when
I listen for that trumpet sound
He's Coming Back Again !

I Never Cease To Be Amazed
At what the Lord can do
He's Wonderful, His Name Be Praised
He thrills me through and through !!!

Jim Lake

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