A Tree That Only God Could Make

On the hill above my place...
There stands in majesty and grace,
With branches spread above the lake...
A tree, that only God could make.

He makes it rain to water flowers.
He sends warm and gentle showers.
He makes the flowers' colors bright,
And makes them bloom, to my delight.

When rain is done, and flowers fill,
I take a walk up to that hill,
To watch the magic o'er the lake:
A rainbow ......only God could make.

I take the path, when day is done...
To watch the magic setting sun.
The painted sky, my breath will take.
With beauty only God could make.

When I have to leave that tree,
I know that God will follow me...
And keep me safe as I walk down -
I feel His presence all around.

Down the path, I make my way,
Praising Him for each new day
And for the wonders I partake...
In days that only He could make.

And when each new day has begun,
I'll see His wonderous rising sun,
And know that He is here with me,
Above the branches of that tree.

The poem is the wonderful work of Jim Lake, and
I thank him for allowing me to publish his poetry here.
Please respect copyright laws, and do not use his poetry
(or anything on this site!) without permission. Thank you!

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